The simplest way to record and submit timeslips to FreeAgent.

Slips is a menu bar timer app for Mac OS X that helps you keep track of the time you spend on projects & tasks. It integrates securely with FreeAgent so billing for your time has never been easier.

Easy to Use

Simple menu bar application that stays out of your way until you need it.

Improved Reporting

Keep track of all of your billable hours so you don’t miss out on the money you’re owed.

Built for FreeAgent

Assign timeslips to your FreeAgent projects & tasks right from the app.

Secure Connection

Slips uses OAuth to securely connect to your FreeAgent account.

"Slips is easily the most beautiful and fun way to log time with Freeagent."
Ross Chapman, Designer, Skysoclear
"Slips is a super simple way to record my time against projects accurately in FreeAgent in as little as three clicks."
Iain Poulson, polevaultweb
"They say the best apps are the ones that do one thing but do it well! Well Slips certainly does this! It is so simple and effortless. It helps me track all my time on my projects and satisfyingly updates FreeAgent."
Terry Upton, Amasci Creative
Slips Icon

Slips requires a 64-bit Mac with 10.7 Lion or higher. You can try Slips for free for 14 days.

Email for support.